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Childrens Wallpaper Mural

How to Do Posters and Wall Murals Yourself Using Your Photos

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Want a mural for a child’s bedroom?  Perhaps you’ve searched for children's mural wallpaper?  You may also have researched other do it yourself mural options or maybe looked into various mural prices including the cost to hire a hand painting mural artist.

7 Unexpected Mural Decision Pitfalls

There are many decisions to weigh when considering a children’s bedroom mural, but seven in particular are rather unexpected or items you may not have considered.  Briefly we’ll define what a mural is, then go over these options to create one. 

What Is A Mural?

Wikipedia defines murals in terms of hand painting, and claims that integration into the architecture is part of the mural definition.  Mural painting pictures are becoming less common today because of technology, including but not limited to using printers to create murals by assembling pieces of the entire image or panels the way billboards are made.  New wall mural software created in the last few years has increased the available choices for those wanting new mural ideas.  Today, people want images on large surfaces with less regard to architectural integration, even creating murals that can be moved.  The spectrum of methods for creating wall murals has broadened from mural scenes painted by an artist to wall and mural stencils and wall mural programs that print mural parts from computers.

More wall mural construction methods increases the decisions you need to make, but if you go down the following list in order you can simplify the process.  This article is part one of a three part series that will answer all 7 of the following questions:

  • Decision:  Hire an artist or do it yourself?
  • Decision:  What form of children’s room mural will work best?
  • Decision:  What mural paper attachment method is best for your situation?
  • Decision:  What image do you want and can you make a wall mural with a personal photo?
  • Decision:  Which method will give you the best result with the least cost?
  • Decision:  How will you protect and insure longevity of your wall mural?
  • Decision:  What can you do if the mural gets dirty or damaged after construction?

Decision:  Hire an artist or do it yourself?

A handpainted mural requires an artist of course, whether it be you or someone you know or hire. Even then, the mural has a likelihood of being unsatisfactory because visually great painting is – to state the obvious – difficult.  Potential high cost combined with unknown and possibly disappointing results are big drawbacks to hiring an artist depending on your finances, situation and desires.  Finally, using an artist of course cannot provide you with a realistic image as the wall mural such as the realism of a photograph.

Decision:  What form of children’s room mural will work best?

If hiring an artist is not a good choice for you, then you’re back to analyzing the other forms of mural construction.  These include:

  • Mural wallpaper
  • Mural stencils
  • Wall mural decals
  • Photo to mural software

Each of the above requires their own list of materials and have varying costs.  Stenciling is a broad area of home décor that can have dramatic interior space effects.  Mural stenciling and mural decals can be available as kits packaged as complete projects with instructions.  Otherwise, stenciling is a process of using a cutout design by painting in the cutout parts to transfer the design to the wall surface.  There are many stencil products, and while stenciling can provide thousands of options to improve or add visual elements to wall surfaces, it is unable to provide a wall surface with a realistic image like a photo can.
Mural wallpaper presents its own installation issues.  While there are more childrens mural wallpaper choices than ever before, many people have an aversion to installing wallpaper and dealing with wallpaper paste and the entire process.  Wallpaper installation does require some experience to get it right:  you are dealing with a huge heavy paper surface in one continuous large piece. There are many books written on techniques to achieve optimum wallpaper results that are outside the scope of this article.  Also wallpaper that covers the wall with imagery as realistic as a photograph is typically very expensive but available from a number of companies.
Mural decals are another option.  They offer simplicity, portability and realistic imagery, but you must choose from the vendor’s available inventory of images.  Only one mural form allows you to use your own photos or imagery.
Photo to mural software allows you to:

  • Make huge murals using your own photos
  • Make as many murals as you want by just purchasing or printing copies on your own printer
  • Can be assembled on panels to protect interiors and be can portable
  • Can be coated to become permanent or even able to use outdoors

Mural software programs such as YottaPrint ( accept digital photos and carve it up to your specifications.  You can even assemble a mural printing small 8.5” x 11” pages.  Murals can be saved as PDF files (with PDF printer driver software installed) and sent to copy or print shops to have panels output on larger pages to create murals with fewer panels.   Wall mural software provides you with the widest number of choices for creating any type of mural from a baby nursery mural to a tree mural for your living room.

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