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Wall Murals for Kids > Mural Kits and Do-It-Yourself (24)  For Mural Kit and Do It Yourself Wall Mural Construction Products.  
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http://www.murals4u.com/mural3.html Do it Yourself Murals?
Traditional wall murals and wall mural ideas with decorated furniture and kiddies funky decor for something different. This service we offer to help YOU design, perform and complete your own mural! Help is at hand -you do not have to be an artist -just have patience and time... Stand back and say with confidence "I did that." We offer a service to enable those who would like the challenge and save costs in producing a mural design. It may be a single figure or series of figures, right upto a full wall or room design.

http://www.wallnutz.com/ Wall Murals - WallNutz.com - Wall murals for decorating kids rooms
Paint-by-number wall murals for decorating kids' rooms were the original Wall Nutz products. Our kits for creating wall murals make painting kids' walls easy and inexpensive. Surrounding children with wall murals and wall art stimulates imagination, plus, it's fun to become an artist!

http://www.mymoondrops.com/mural/kids_murals.html Wall murals and wallpaper from My-Moondrops
Wall murals and wallpaper and accessories from My-Moondrops

http://www.stensource.com/howdoi.htm Wall, Patio, Quilting, and Mural Stencils
Stencils for all your wall painting, craft, and quilting projects. StenSource® International, Inc. is one of the largest stencil manufacturers in the U.S., committed to excellence, quality, affordability and customer satisfaction. We sell our stencils and distribute stencil brushes, paints, embossing tools and other products around the world! Our Stencil line is quite extensive. We are currently cutting over 1700 different designs. We also cut private label designs and custom designs for a number of well known designers and stencil companies.

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