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Wall Coverings > Faux Finish (13)  Wall covering faux finish products, services and instruction products. Rare and hard-to-find faux finish offerings from varied manufacturing and service companies.  
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http://www.offthewallaz.com/ Custom Faux Finishing - Faux Finish Arizona  Custom Faux Finishing - Faux Finish Arizona
Faux finishing, off the wall custom faux finishing, faux walls, faux company arizona, faux scottsdale, faux phoenix, faux troon, faux cabinets, faux garage doors, faux exterior, faux walls, faux marble, faux suede, off the wall faux finishing.

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http://www.fauxshop.com/wallcoverings.htm Specialized wall coverings.  Specialized wall coverings.
Faux Shop sells specialized hand-crafted wall coverings. Custom Wallcoverings - Introducing a new line of FAUX FRIENDLY specialty wall coverings. These decorative wall coverings create the textural dimensions of stone, fabric, or metals. They will accentuate the decor of any home or business. From the bold metallic paint finishes and pearlescents, to the subtle shadings of water colors, these wall coverings are truly unique. A new way to attain unique and popular faux finish effects at a reasonable cost. The wallcoverings are sold at four price levels. Call for information for the price level for which you may qualify: (573) 778-3289.

http://www.handpaintedbywendy.com/ Landscape painting wall murals finish faux finishing Phoenix Arizona
Landscape painting, wall murals, faux finishing, children's murals and mini-murals are all the rage. For faux finishing and faux finish. We serve Phoenix Arizona, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Chandler, Tempe, Glendale and surrounding areas. Landscape painting and wall murals from Phoenix Faux Finishing.com. Children's murals and mini-murals are all the rage. If you want to find a mural artist to enhance the beauty and increase the value of your home, or would like a faux finish, contact us to find out more! We serve Phoenix, Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Chandler, Tempe, Glendale and surrounding areas. We offer all types of custom faux finishing using paint, papers, metallic paints, plasters and stenciling. We can combine any of these media into the finest landscape painting and wall mural to suit the style of your home. Landscape painting is a perfect foil for a blank wall. A landscape wall mural can enhance the look, the feel, the ambience of any room. It can transform a room from drab to fab in the wink of an eye!

http://www.martinalanhirsch.com/ Martin Alan Hirsch - Faux Finish Artist Faux Painting the World
In the faux and decorative painting world, the gap between reality and illusion is bridged with artistic skill, business knowledge, and an unrelenting passion for perfection. This bridge is built with technology and education, and a reputation for uncompromising style. In all his endeavors, including his "Old World Italian Villa Studio" , Martin Alan Hirsch demonstrates how his art, his highly acclaimed creations,and his techniques and style have been "Bridging the Gap Between Reality and Illusion" for the past nineteen years. Faux painting artist, faux artist teaching faux classes business of faux finishing and decorative painting -- Martin Alan Hirsch programs are created to put you in the business of faux painting and decorative finishing.

http://www.wallhide.com/ Wallhide
Wallhide markets wallcovering products from the RJF International Corporation, featuring Polyolefin, Textile, and Vinyl decorative and durable wall surfaces. Wallhide sells quality wallcovering from a leading US manufacturer Our fabric-backed, vinyl wallcovering is discount priced a minimum of 60% from the normal pricing. The standard 54" width will give your interior design project more coverage with fewer seams, plus a durable, washable surface. Please browse our collection and contact us with questions.

http://www.tilebydesign.net/ Decorative Ceramic Tile, Custom Tile Wall Murals, Kitchen Tile Backsplash, Home Improvement, Mosaic Tiles
Decorative Tile Murals on ceramic and tumbled marble tile ideal for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom walls and showers. Commercial or residential interior design, we have a mural for your space.

http://www.homeexpo.com/HE/w6210.htm Interior Wall Finishes Locator
Interior wall finish products and services. Company listings with website links and specific information about services provided. HomeExpo - Home Improvement Site - Find everything needed to help with your home projects, building, remodeling or decorating.

http://www.wallpaperwholesaler.com/ Blinds at Wallpaper Wholesaler: Wallpaper Borders, Shades, Window Blinds, Fabric
Blinds at Wallpaper Wholesaler. Your source for wallpaper borders, shades, window blinds and fabrics
Faux Wall Covering - Stick-ups, Wallies, IdeaStix, Murals, Priss Prints, Paper Illusions, Wall Borders, Stencils
PaperIllusion® - The Elegant, Affordable Faux Finish Wallpaper - Faux Finish Wallpaper That Is Easier Than Paint. Just Rip, Dip and Apply! If you can tear paper, you can decorate your walls with this unusual, affordable faux finish Wallpaper. PaperIllusion® gives you the look of an expensive, handcrafted faux marble or stone finish, but at a fraction of the price. And best of all, you can do it yourself! PaperIllusion® gives you a unique, torn-paper look that is as easy as it is elegant—you don’t need any messy paints, pricey tools or costly contractors. A PaperIllusion® box contains 85 square feet of paper, or enough to do a 8-by-10 foot wall. PaperIllusion® is also easy to remove: Simply moisten with warm water, repeating until the pieces peel off. Your -1 source for Wall Stickers, Stick ups, Murals, Wallies, appliques, wall borders. Discount prices. Fast service since 1948. Wall murals, stickups, IdeaStix Accents, Jungle animal stickups, tropical fish and farm animal stickups, Appliqués & Wall Stickers, Paper Illusions Wallpaper murals - faux wallcovering.

http://www.eurodesign.ca/murals.htm Murals Euro Design - Murals Trompe L'oeil 131 Faux Finishes Wall Murals Interior Design
Our murals and trompe l'oeil open up any room. A mural can make a room appear larger, create a distinct mood, or establish a fun theme. For retailers, custom murals can make the commercial space unique and memorable. Inside the home, residential murals can also hold special meaning. The mural make a small bedroom appear twice as large, The endless options and possibilities for vivid imagery make residential murals very popular when kids are in the picture, creating a stimulating play environment that can be very educational. Through our knowledge of color and perspective to create the illusion of depth, you feel as though you can walk right into a mural and enter an exciting new dimension. It will be pleasure for us to design and paint on your wall any thing you can imagine.

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