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http://www.stanford.edu/group/arts/nicaragua/student/mural/teacherguide.html Understanding Murals
The Mural-venture activity is a project-based learning experience designed to engage students in the politics, history, and culture of Nicaragua through learning about its murals.

http://www.nauticaltropical.com/store/wallmural_faq_copy(1).htm Wall Mural Frequently Asked Questions
Wall murals definitions and size is discussed, durability and how to hang wall murals. What you need to know before hanging wall murals, surface and damage issues along with moisture effects are discussed. Full step-by-step instructions.

http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/cr_walls_floors/article/0,2025,DIY_13782_5070936,00.html Drywall Mural : DIY Network
Just about everyone likes to B. Original and hang some art on the walls. But, for sculptor Tom Moberg, the walls are the artwork. He specializes in sculpting bas relief murals from plaster and joint compound, using a combination of wet and dry techniques. Michele Beschen apprenticed with Tom Moberg for a day to get some of his expert tips on sculpting with plaster and joint compound. Scroll down to see what she learned. Read more...

http://www.worldmapsonline.com/worldmapwallmurals.htm World Map Wall Mural - Hanging Wall Murals Instructions
World Map Wall Mural. Once installed, you will enjoy a dramatic effect in your room that is not possible with any other wall covering. What you need to know before hanging murals, surface issues, reusability of wall murals, moisture concerns and size instructions.

http://www.metromurals.org/ Metro Murals
A Resource for the Creation of Community Based Murals in Portland, Oregon. Materials and Techniques for wall mural construction.

http://www.creativewallcovering.com/wallmurals.php Wall paper Murals-How to Hang
Hanging instructions for trompe l'oeil, Enviromental Graphics & Ideal Decor wall murals.

http://www.bedbathstore.com/comu.html Mural Construction - BedBathStore.com
Vivid images of a bustling construction site with all your child's favorite machines at work. Red tugs, crains, cement trucks, blue barges and more will delight and amuse with the energy and fast pace of a sweeping construction scenic. Murals create a dramatic impact in a room. They are easy, durable and affordable compared to a hand-painted mural. Buy Croscill bedding & Thomasville duvet covers - Wesley Allen iron metal beds - curtains - shower curtain and bath accessories - Down Comforters at BedBathStore.com.

http://clutch.open.ac.uk/schools/copperfield01/CH-Mural-constr.html Welcome to Mural Construction
Construction Of The Wall Mural - The grey, dull wall needed to be checked for any unsound or loose facing then base coated in white paint, preparing the surface for the first stage of the Mural. Drawing the outline of the Mural was the second stage, allowing the young people a guideline for painting. After most of the Mural painting had been completed, the process of tightening the edges of the design for a crisp finish and painting the pillars black to define each panel.

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