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Wall Murals > Wall Murals Information (34)  Wall Mural information on origin and use both for political and decorative purposes. Wall mural history and significance of wall murals worldwide.  
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http://www.designingonline.com/links/murals-wallpaper-resources-information.html Murals and Wallpaper in the Designing Online Home and Garden Directory of Resources and Information  Murals and Wallpaper in the Designing Online Home and Garden Directory of Resources and Information
You will enjoy this categorized collection of Murals and Wallpaper resources in our Home and Garden Directory. We have made it easy to locate the wall decorating resources for your creative wall design needs.

http://www.childwallmurals.com/ Murals Home-Child Murals  Murals Home-Child Murals
Have you ever been to a friend's home or seen one of the shows on the home and garden channel where you walk into the kid's room and there is a striking child mural on the wall? Perhaps it is a castle mural or a Noah's Ark mural, but it takes you into a whole new world. There is no doubt that full wall murals are beautiful to look at and can give your children happiness for years to come. Unfortunately, many people falsely believe that these kinds of wall murals are too expensive to have done or they are impossible to do themselves.
http://www.wall-murals.org/ Wall Murals - Poster Printing - Photo Mural Construction Information  Wall Murals - Poster Printing - Photo Mural Construction Information
Wall Murals history, and products and services information. All wall murals information and resources located in one place.

http://www.columbia.edu/cu/iraas/wpa/index.html Harlem Hospital WPA Murals
The Harlem Hospital WPA Murals site explores the creation of one of the most significant collections of African American paintings in New York City from the perspective of the participants and conservators, as well as from the art-historical and historical viewpoint. The site chronicles the public controversy sparked by the murals' content based on the African American experience, and includes six short videos and archival documents as well as in-depth photography of the murals, which are currently undergoing restoration. The featured artists are Charles Alston, Georgette Seabrooke, Vertis Hayes, and Alfred Crimi. Featured video interviews are with Howard Dodson, director of the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, Jacqueline Francis, professor of the History of Art and AfroAmerican and African Studies at the University of Michigan, and muralist Georgette Seabrooke.

http://www.bpl.org/guides/sargentinfo.htm BPL - John Singer Sargent
BPL - John Singer Sargent A sequence of mural decoration executed between 1895 and 1916. John Singer Sargent's Triumph of Religion at the Boston Public Library - Art and Architecture Descriptions. Diagram of John Singer Sargent's Triumph of Religion, showing location of individual panels and order of installation. Restoration Project Website Boston Mural Crew Project

http://www.heritagepreservation.org/RPM/index.html Heritagepreservation.org - Rescue Public Murals
Rescue Public Murals is a national effort to bring attention to U.S. public murals, document their unique artistic and historic contributions, and secure the expertise and support to save them. The project has issued a call for information on important outdoor murals that are deteriorating in communities nationwide. These recommendations will help identify endangered murals that will receive assessments in 2007. Through Rescue Public Murals, some of Estrada Courts’ murals will be assessed and a restoration plan determined. Collaboration with the artists, community representatives, conservators, and local arts leaders will be integral to the assessment and any eventual restoration of the murals.

http://www.muralsplus.com/ Faux painting-murals-faux finishing questions & answers resource - Faux & Mural Questions & Answers website - for faux painting and decorative finishers and muralists
Faux painting, faux finishing, murals, stenciling and more. A resource with a faux painting and murals information library and message board. Muralists, faux finishers, decorative painters or artists can find information and learn faux painting tips about murals, stenciling, faux painting and decorative painting techniques and more. Since 1997, Muralsplus has been the ultimate resource for faux painting enthusiasts, muralists, stencilers and all decorative painters looking for ideas or just wanting to learn more to increase their levels of expertise. Muralsplus was the first site of this type on the Internet and is proud to offer you it's resources! Your faux painting & murals questions and answers are here for FREE!

http://www.artcityinc.com/highlights/rights-of-the-child-mural Rights of the Child Mural
In September 2000, Art City was asked by the City of Winnipeg to co-ordinate a large mural project in conjunction with the International Conference on War-Affected Children that took place in Winnipeg. The completed project, based on the theme “Rights of the Child,” consists of six panels which make up a 16- by 24-foot mural. Katharina Stieffenhofer, the artist facilitating the project, involved youth participants in all aspects of the process, including preliminary planning, design, and execution of the mural. The brightly coloured, positive mural is installed on the exterior of Winnipeg’s City Hall and helps to remind children, youth, and adults alike of the basic rights that all children are entitled to.

http://www.gazettetimes.com/articles/2007/06/19/news/community/6aaa01_corvallishistory.txt Corvallis Oregon Mural taking shape in library parking garage
Corvallis’ history, one tile at a time - One book on the shelf of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library might not seem like much, but it’s part of a collection that’s 350,000 items strong. So it is with 15,000 tiles that, separately, might not seem like much. Over the next two weeks, though, they’ll be put together into a mosaic telling the story of Corvallis’ first 150 years. On Monday morning, teenagers started assembling the mural on a wall in the downtown Corvallis library’s parking garage. One tile at a time, the Willamette River and the green foothills outside town started taking shape.

http://www.diegorivera.com/murals/index.html Diego Rivera Web Museum: Murals
DIEGO RIVERA (1886-l957), muralist painter, was one of the greatest artists in the XXth century. Born in Guanajuato Mexico, in 1892 he moved to Mexico City with his family. He studied in the San Carlos Academy and in the carving workshop of artist José Guadalupe Posada, whose influence was decisive.

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