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http://www.frogview.com/show.php?file=883 Frogview.com :> The Ultimate Email Collection
Amazing 3Dimensional Wall Paintings. Frogview.com is an exclusive open Mailbox for everyone.You can browse through our ultimate email collection and forward the mails that you would like to share with your friends.If you wish to contribute your mails, you can simply sign into our group and start uploading your mails.

http://www.gransha-taxi.co.uk/Belfast_murals.htm Belfast Murals
Here you can see pictures of the murals painted on houses in Belfast. Belfast's troubled history has seen many tragedies and atrocities. These atrocities are illustrated in the many murals dotted all over Belfast, painted on the sides of houses. These murals are today (these pictures were taken at the start of 2006) a major Belfast attraction for tourists. In the past, however, they were a way for the residents of Belfast's troubled areas to get their points across, or make a plea or demand that the rest of world can see. Some of the murals are commemorations of something that has happened in the past, or a memorial of people that have been killed.

http://www.muraltown.com/ Chemainus Festival of Murals Society, Chemainus, BC, Canada
The Festival of Murals Society is a not-for-profit society that promotes and maintains the upkeep of the famous murals of Chemainus, British Columbia. From just five murals and lots of spirit in the summer of 1982, Chemainus has struggled, grown and succeeded in literally putting itself on the map. In 1983, it won the prestigious New York Downtown Revitalization Award for redevelopment of the town core. It has since gained world wide acclaim for the integrity and superb artistry of its huge depictions of the town's history, earning the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award (the Americas) in 1994. Thirty-seven larger-than-life historic paintings in this open air gallery now greet the gaze of hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. In addition many different sculptures have been created and situated around the town and the central Waterwheel Park. Chemainus thrives as a result, but it remains a small town, with just over 4,000 residents. Founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1987, the society works closely with both the local Chamber of Commerce and also the Business Improvement Association (both these entities work towards business enhancement and the town’s promotion). Its decisions at the board level are based solely on fulfilling the following objects: managing and developing the Chemainus Murals Projects, fostering and encouraging the artistic interpretation of the history of the Chemainus Valley and the promotion of arts, culture and tourism within the Chemainus Valley. Our members, consisting of many tireless volunteers, continue the work of maintaining and planning the murals in addition to welcoming the world to Chemainus, The Little Town That Did!©

http://www.riverfrontmurals.com/ Vicksburg Riverfront Murals: Tribute to A Great American City
It Takes A Community To Raise A Mural! On April 12, 2002, the City of Vicksburg unveiled its first riverfront mural by renowned artist Robert Dafford. The electricity of this project has spread across the South and up and down the Mississippi River. The panels of the Vicksburg floodwall are the canvas capturing the City of Vicksburg's crucial past, present and future roles in American history, commerce, culture, religion, and technology. This exciting project began with a visit to the Paducah, Kentucky, floodwall by a group of Vicksburg ladies. The entire Vicksburg-Warren County area has quickly caught the Vision. The project is fully endorsed and supported by the City of Vicksburg and all major economic and historical development organizations.

http://www.oldhouseweb.com/suppliers_of/12223_Wall_Murals_.shtml Wall Murals - Suppliers, Vendors, Sources, Manufacturers - Oldhouseweb.com
Find leading wall murals suppliers and vendors. Research wall mural manufacturers.

http://cain.ulst.ac.uk/murals/ CAIN: Murals: Political Wall Murals in Northern Ireland
CAIN: Murals: Political Wall Murals in Northern Ireland. An Introduction to Murals - Use of murals in Northern Ireland. Mural Directory.

Home & Garden Television - Wall Murals
Homeowner Heidi Leann Thompson gives a tour of her home, which is adorned with handpainted wall murals throughout. With paint and an artistic touch, Thompson has created stunning embellishments and illusions on her once-boring walls. A mural of a bookshelf filled with books and accessories is painted on one wall, while a breathtaking courtyard scene graces an entire wall of the living room. (It looks realistic enough to walk through!) Thompson has also added flower-filled vases, an authentic-looking wall of old bricks, and framed pictures that appear to hang on the wall. All of Thompson's techniques are simple yet effective -- some can even be successfully implemented by the most inexperienced artists.

http://www.trimural.com/ Réseau international de murals, Red Internacional de Murales, International Network of Murals, sculpture en béton, cement sculpture, escultura en cemento (hormigón), fabrication de murals en haut-relief, creation of high relief murals, fabricación de murales en alto-relieve, techniques de sculpture, sculpture techniques, técnicas de escultura, Québec, Quebec, Canada, Canadá.
THE INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF MURALS PROJECT The ambitious project to create an international network of murals implies two basic types of creations. The first, a sculptural type, consists in endowing with a new architectonic element, a trimural, any city in the world that wishes to allow its population to express itself, its culture, and its aspirations in a collective work may do so in this manner. The second type is virtual. It consists of uniting, within a single Internet site, all monuments that are completed, or are being completed, which, by their common structure, can give rise to an abundant meeting of themes and esthetics within a perfect electronic network. The Trimural, a New Formal Entity Three vertical walls of the same size brought together within a 120-degree fanAs its name implies, the trimural is an object composed of three vertical walls of the same size brought together within a 120 degree fan. Its dimension is variable - between tiny and gigantic - but its proportions are fixed. Each of its six surfaces is entirely Each of its six surfaces is entirely sculptedsculpted. Seen from above, the layout of its walls forms a "Y" with equal angles. On the ground, the trimural is approached like an open book. To maximize natural lighting and facilitate the virtual network, one of the walls should be pointed toward the North. In this way, three segments, West, East, and South, are clearly delineated and correspond to the three themes. By its star-like placement, the trimural invites two types of reading, one environmental, one comparativeBy its star-like placement, the trimural invites two types of reading, one environmental, one comparative. On site, the work invites viewers to engage themselves in the centre of the delineated spaces, so that one by one, each of the three segments can occupy all his/her field of vision. On the Internet, the open arms of the "Y" making one think of other similar forms Hexagonal links similar to a fish net(Rimouski's Trimural reminds us of the primordial cell), the visitor sees a formal, transmutable, entity. Another, much bigger, entity with hexagonal links (similar to a fish net) has comparative viewing possibilities that increase and renew themselves with the rhythm of the last monumental or virtual creations.

http://www.bloodybaywall.com/ The Bloody Bay Wall Mural Project
Explore a Coral Reef Wall on your PC - As seen in National Geographic, October 2001 - "Portrait of a Coral Reef", the Bloody Bay Wall Mural is perhaps the largest underwater photographic image ever produced. A new internet technology used on this site allows the viewer to zoom in and see every detail of this gigantic image. A life-size underwater image 20 feet high by 70 feet wide, produced by photographer Jim Hellemn. National Geographic October 2001 - portrait of a coral reef.

http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2007/08/the_murals_of_philadelphi.html Makezine.com
Photoset @ TIME from the The Murals of Philadelphia - A public art project which encourages local artists to create works utilizing the city's architecture has beautified the City of Brotherly Love and created an enduring cultural legacy.

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