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A wall mural artist can create amazing, absolutely breathtaking wall mural art. There are wall mural artists all over the world that can work on location or can create wall mural pieces for assembly at another location. Some wall mural art can greatly out-value the real estate it is constructed on or in. All wall murals drastically improve and enrich the surrounding living space.

There are several different methods of creating and applying wall mural art, from wall mural software to faux painting using various foils and textures to watercolor and acrylic paint. Still other applications include oils, pencil, pen or ink or even air brushing. You can locate and consult with a wall mural artist to have a mural created that is meaningful and specific to your life.

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http://www.lmcmurals.com/ LMC Murals - murals, trompe-loeil, antiquing, marbing, woodgraining, murals, faux finishing
LMC Murals - murals, trompe-loeil, antiquing, marbing, woodgraining, murals, faux finishing. High profile company specializing in top quality original murals, trompe-L'oeils, reproductions, fine art, illustrations and portraits.

http://www.muralarts.com/ Mural Arts Studio, custom handpainted murals, tapestries and mosaic
Custom hand-painted murals, skyscape, tapestries, trompe l'oeil and mosaic for hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, places of worship, residence and businesses. Mural Arts Mural Arts is located in San Francisco, California. The mural painting studio was established by muralists Les Seymour and Brenda Cole Seymour. The professional mural painters collaborate closely with interior designers, architects and their developer clients in the design, and execution of custom fine art murals, decorative painting and custom finishes. They maintain a staff of professional studio artists to assist in the production of artwork and murals for commercial and residential interiors in a diverse range of periods, themes and styles. Whether it's murals, mosaics, or painted tapestries; all projects are carefully researched. Mural Arts also supplies Venetian plaster, special finishes and restoration of historic artwork, murals and antique finishes. Over the past twenty years the Seymour's have completed modern murals and decorative painting for resort hotels, restaurants, retail stores, churches, cruise ships and residential interiors worldwide.

http://www.wall-murals-direct.com/ Printed wall murals U.S. cities, art murals and photographic wall murals
Printed wall murals art murals by fine artist mural artist Sharon Tatem, Sharon Serle, U.S. cities photographic wallpaper murals Palm Beach Florida. Our exclusive wall mural collection includes Garden Wall Murals, Tuscan Murals ,Florida Murals, Art Deco Wall Murals. Wall paper underwater murals, star trek art murals, palm trees, clouds and sky murals. "Wall Murals Direct" has been creating wall murals for over 10 years. Wall Murals Direct was created and founded by fine artist/mural artist Sharon A. Tatem. Sharon's accomplishments as a fine artist and skilled murals artist have allowed her to bring to you a one of a kind mural site with one of a kind murals. Demand for Sharon's murals have compelled her and her partner/husband Matt Tatem to create a quality and affordable mural so everyone can afford to enjoy beautiful wall murals .

http://www.tokepa.com/wallmurals.htm TOKEPA Graphics Wall Murals
Murals and Faux Finishes - From prehistoric cave paintings to the Egyptian tombs people have had the desire to decorate their walls. Today as we enter the 21st Century there is a movement back towards this ancient tradition of hand painted wall murals. This opens up a new world where your only limitation is your imagination. Create a jungle in the children's room - an Egyptian courtyard in your hallway - a tropical island in your office or a five hundred year old monastery in your bathroom.

http://www.themurals.com/ Wall mural, hand painted custom murals, sky murals, children's room, murals pricing, NJ, NY, PA - theMurals.com
Welcome to Murals world. " theMurals " is a group of classically trained artists dedicated to transforming living environments through art. Our hand painted quality custom wall murals work is characterized by artistic vision and ability coming from a wealth of experience in murals, fine art, decoration, and interior design. We bring you the best of old European murals traditions and styles in classical mural painting and decorative elements Take the time to tour some of our work and you will discover how a full wall mural, sky murals or even small decorative elements, can dramatically transform the atmosphere of your indoor or outdoor living environments. We let your personality and creativity shine in your living space. Our unique skills and methods let us add a artistic touch to your home, business, children's room. So, feel free to browse our murals portfolio. We are sure you will find something in our hand painted quality custom wall murals that adds warmth and character to your place. And if you're imagining something different from what you see on the site, feel free to contact us! We are happy to discuss any mural project you may have in mind. Let us make your vision a reality! Every our mural is unique! Mural consultations and murals estimates are always free. We welcome inquiries by e-mail. We located in Hillsborough NJ close to Princeton, Montgomery, Bridgewater and Edison and serving all counties in NJ (also can work in NY, PA, DE, DC, CT, NY, FL*)

http://www.muralmatters.com/murals.shtml Wall Murals - Mural Matters
The driving force behind Mural Matters is artist Kay Hutchison. Kay began painting murals while in high school and has continued to do so ever since. Her murals can be found up and down the East Coast from North Carolina to New York to Rhode Island. She has also worked with professional mural companies in New York City and Providence, Rhode Island with whom she traveled throughout the U.S. painting murals in commercial venues. Kay is an honors graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island with majors in art history and illustration. She also has studied in Cortona, Italy with the University of Georgia Art Department. Her studio is located in the Carter Building of the historic Glenwood South section of Raleigh.

http://www.murals.co.za/ Wall Murals Artists and Painters
We are simply the best wall mural artists and painters available. We are in South Africa and also paint murals internationally. Murals, fine art and commisioned work. We specialize in murals, wall murals, canvas murals and fine art. We are located in South Africa, but we have also completed murals and fine art projects in the Cayman Islands, Canada, USA and Greece. Some of our works have also been exhibited in Italy. We also use advanced faux and paint techniques and are specialists in trompe le'oil murals.

http://www.deelanderman.com/ Wall murals hand painted by Delilah Landerman
If you ever have envisioned a beautiful painting on your wall to give that special elegance, but are apprehensive about the cost, leery of a lingering stranger and messy paint buckets in your home or business for weeks...This could be your perfect solution! Known for fast, quality work. Most of the wall murals take no more than 2 to 4 days as I work with vigor using water based Latex Acrylic Enamel house paint. Unless you request another type of paint or style that requires different materials. Painting for thirty years, Delilah started out painting freelance signs and oil paintings of barns for clients, then went on to Airbrush Murals on motorcycles and vans (which have been featured in magazines and on television, including some Meisterbrau competition vehicles).

http://www.magical-murals.net/ Wall murals, wallpaper murals, child murals, nursery murals, mural artist - surrey uk
Magical Murals, Surrey, UK, Mural Artist - Bring your child's nursery to life with a magical hand painted wall mural or tile mural or wallpaper mural. Original hand painted wall murals can transform blank walls or tired wallpaper in your home or child's nursery. They add colour and depth to a small corner or a whole room and are individually designed to your choice. Murals make a great gift for christenings, birthdays or christmas, so why not transform a bedroom or playroom into a magical scene including your child's favourite characters? My name is Fay Edwards, I live in South East London in the United Kingdom. Since completing my degree I have built a freelance career as a mural artist, doing what I enjoy most - painting and illustrating. So far I have painted murals in children's rooms, pre-schools and nurseries, commissions for trompe l'oeil, adult themes and furniture. I paint directly on the wall in matt emulsion and artist's acrylic paints which are non-toxic. Please contact me on: 07763 127220 to discuss your requirements or fill in the form on the contact page and I will contact you asap.

http://murals.demolliart.com/ Mural Art - The Art Of Painting Walls
Mural Art - The Art Of Painting Walls - What is a mural? A mural is a painting done directly on the wall. It comes from the Latin word murus, which means wall. Murals often show the concerns, hopes, values and memories of the community where the murals are painted. Murals are not like other paintings. They have a different purpose, a different kind of effect on the lives of those who see them. They're public art in the best sense, because they are actually created in public, with the community looking on. Good public art says something about the community. It says, this is who we are or, this is what we think, or this is where we came from, or this is what we want. And it says these things in a way that everybody can understand and enjoy.

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