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A wall mural artist can create amazing, absolutely breathtaking wall mural art. There are wall mural artists all over the world that can work on location or can create wall mural pieces for assembly at another location. Some wall mural art can greatly out-value the real estate it is constructed on or in. All wall murals drastically improve and enrich the surrounding living space.

There are several different methods of creating and applying wall mural art, from wall mural software to faux painting using various foils and textures to watercolor and acrylic paint. Still other applications include oils, pencil, pen or ink or even air brushing. You can locate and consult with a wall mural artist to have a mural created that is meaningful and specific to your life.

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http://www.melaneysmurals.com/ Melaney's Murals Inc. - Mural & Plantation Shutters - Atlanta, Georgia
Melaney's Murals Inc. - Mural & Plantation Shutters - Atlanta, Georgia Melaney's mural painting career began in 1998 when she decided to paint a mural on her daughter’s new bedroom wall, and one for her newborn nursery. While spending time at home with her newborn Melaney worked on church projects, and continued to paint walls for friends. After receiving complements for her painting efforts she decided to start her own business. Melaney's Murals are receiving recognition by other muralist throughout the south and beyond. Melaney is very concerned about pleasing her customers and desires to complete each job in a professional manner. It is this determination that keeps her clients coming back again and again. She also supplies each of her clients with ample reference material and a complete black and white sketch of the mural. Melaney believes in up front pricing. Making sure you know how much it will cost to have your mural painted before the process actually begins, allows Melaney to feel confident that she can take her time and do a good job. She does not charge a running fee for each day she works unless additional changes are made during the course of painting.

http://www.muralsandscreens.com/wall_murals_gallery.html Wall Murals Make A Big Impression - Custom Wall Murals
Make a big impression with wall murals by fine muralist Michael Rohani. Michael Rohani creates custom hand painted murals in the tradition of European painting. Add luxury and beauty to your home with a distinctive wall mural or ceiling mural.

http://www.homepopular.org/decorating/ Interior design and home decorating - Most popular sites
Links to popular sites about wall murals, wall coverings, home decorating and interior design.
http://www.keralamurals.com/ Kerala Murals - A close study of Kerala Mural Paintings
Dedicated to the saga of Suresh Muthukulam, the young mural artist who expanded the rich opulence of many century old Kerala mural paintings tradition from temple, church and royal courtyard walls to novel and wider canvasses. Kerala on the south-western coast of India has won the admiration of every visitor because of its resplendent greenery and luxuriant vegetation. Every aspect of Kerala art blends into this pervasive greenery with perfect harmony. Nothing loud, nothing discordant. Every work of art maintains a subdued tone.

http://www.emisformural.co.uk/ Mural Artist, Child Mural, Devon, Cornwall and UK - visit Em is for Mural
Are you planning to decorate your child's room or Children's Day Nursery? Would you like to liven up your waiting room and make it more inviting for your patients? A mural of favourite characters and scenes from cartoons and books could make your area a unique space, that would be friendly and interesting to all children. All of my murals are drawn free hand with no stenciling involved. This allows me to transfer your ideas directly onto the walls with no restrictions in size or scale. If you are Interested in commissioning a mural for a child's room, then take a look at my portfolio and if you have any queries please feel free to contact me at anytime. I look forward to hearing from you.

http://www.wallspacemurals.com/index.html Wallspace Custom Hand Painted Murals by Chris Bordenca
Wallspace Custom Murals, by Chris Bordenca, created specially for homes and businesses. Based in Massachusetts. Includes galleries of murals and paintings. Designed and painted custom murals based on anything you envision for your space. Wallspacemurals will work in homes, kids' rooms, restaurants, offices, waiting rooms, anywhere with walls! Based in Massachusetts, willing to travel or murals can be painted in the studio on cavas for installation. The canvas murals can be removed and reused, and they can be shipped as well. Free shipping in the U.S. All murals are hand painted and designed specifically for you. The company can paint in any style, from cartoon to photorealism and Trompe L'Oeil. If you are interested in commisioning a mural, other artwork, or have any quesions call 413-303-0279 or e-mail.

http://www.thebeachpainter.com/murals.asp Wall Murals - The Beach Painter
The Beach Painter is a residential and commercial painting company that specializes in faux finishes for all your interior design needs in the Hampton Roads, Tidewater Virginia area. For over 21 years, Joe Riggs has offered his customers high quality painting services at reasonable prices throughout Hampton Roads. A Norfolk native, Joe Riggs graduated from Old Dominion University in 1977 with honors and holds a Masters Degree in Urban Studies. Since March 1984, Joe Riggs has served the painting needs of well over 3000 satisfied customers throughout Hampton Roads. Active in his neighborhood, church and community, Joe Riggs has established himself as a reliable, responsible and well-respected member of several church and civic groups. Joe Riggs is invested in Hampton Roads and his neighbors. Residential and Commercial buildings have the Beach Painters touch and painting isn't the only service Joe Riggs offers. If your painting needs are as simple as restoring a beloved family heirloom to it's original luster or making a new brick structures appear 100 years old, the Beach Painter has been the one to call for over 21 years.

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