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1.   Gather Materials  

a. Laser level - Required. You should not attempt to construct a wall mural without a laser level A laser level will insure success and speed up assembly. Plus, it is the only way that you can hope to achieve a seamless result.

The Black & Decker Bullet Laser to the right is one of the least expensive and most functional around. It projects vertical and horizontal laser lines for accurate placement of wall mural panels.

Laser level products...
Black & Decker Bullet Laser

b. Paper cutter - Required. Just as with any wallpapering type of project, the proper cutting tools assure that you will create a truly stunning wall mural. Having these tools will also allow you to use YottaPrint over and over to change or create new wall murals in the least amount of time and with the best possible result.

Office Depot(R)Carl(R) RT-218 Rotary Paper Trimmer, 18in.

Paper cutter products...

Office Depot(R)Carl(R) RT-218 Rotary Paper Trimmer, 18in.

Office Depot(R)Carl(R) RT-218 Rotary Paper Trimmer, 12in.
  c. Glue stick - Required. In our testing we found the best finished result is achieved by using glue stick carefully around the edge of each panel that you will not see. In other words, only get glue from the glue stick on the back of each panel -- make sure no glue touches the front that is seen.
Elmer's(R) All-Purpose Glue Stick, 0.77 Oz.

d. Spray adhesive - Required. You will need spray adhesive for the center of the panel pages. Spray a very light coating in the center after the upper left edge is secure with glue stick.

The spray glue or spray adhesive you choose should be the cheapest or actually lowest quality as all you are doing with it is gluing paper.

Spray Adhesive picture
Elmer'sŪ Extra-Strength Spray Adhesive, 10 Oz Can

e. Temporary spray adhesive - Optional. Will allow temporary page installation - pages can be removed from surface.

This product may be useful if you want to easily disassemble a mural later on.

Remountable Spray Adhesive picture
Elmer's® Repositionable Mounting Spray, 10 Oz Can
2.   Start YottaPrint  
Load Image - Select File Open and navigate to the desired image file.
3.   Setup Printer Properties
Click on Properties, then in the Layout tab, click Advanced and select a paper size and set other options. These settings tell YottaPrint how to divide the image.
4.   Determine Poster or Mural Size
  Enter either the width or height and the other value will automatically be filled in if the check box is checked. In this example, 96" high was input (floor to ceiling) and the width was automatically calculated by YottaPrint.
5.   Enter Desired Overlap (refer to graphic above)
  The desired overlap this is the amount of the image that will be repeated in the overlap position (see below). This will ensure that no gaps will be visible in the finished mural or poster.
6.   Click Margin Position  

An margin or overlap is only needed on two sides of an image. This setting shows where the overlap will appear - in this example the overlap will be printed on the top and left margins.

  Position graphic
7.   Select Page Numbering Attributes

Numbering puts a very faint page number on the panel pages. This is a good idea so you don't get pages mixed up and realize that printing page numbers is likely to be covered up by adjoining pages.

Choose how you want Page Numbering to be placed by clicking the Page Numbering drop-down box:

Numbering attributes picture

  • None - page numbers are not printed
  • 1 -> # of pages - the current page number is printed then the total number of pages in the mural set is printed.
  • Row, Column - the row number is printed then the column number of the page is printed
  • Column, Row - the column number is printed, then the row number is printed
8.   Select Crop Mark Attributes

Crop marks prints very faint dotted line lines (crop marks) on each page to assist in lining up the pieces. These lines are not detectable in the final mural but you should also be aware to use the laser level primarily for aligning panels, not crop marks. The laser level guide lines are much MORE IMPORTANT to focus on when constructing the mural.

  • None - no crop marks are printed
  • 1 Pixel - a thin, single pixel line is printed
  • 2 Pixels - a thicker, two pixel line is printed
We printed these crop marks on all the murals we created and none are the slightest bit visible. We also learned in this process that the laser lines are the first guide to place the panels, the crop marks to make slight adjustments after placed with the laser lines.
9.   Print  
  The Print Entire Mural button prints the entire image, page by page but we recommend you don't use it. Unless your printer has a lot of memory or the mural is very small, it is likely that the entire mural may mis-print Print button

Print single pages instead. Simply right mouse click over any page in the image and select 'Print Page' (not 'Print All'):

Print page picture

YottaPrint enlarges images using the core engine in Imagener Photo Enlargement Software - see www.imagener.com. This makes the image very large in memory and a huge amount of data to throw to a printer all at once. For that reason we recommend printing single pages using the above procedure both for printing test pages and the entire mural project.
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