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Searching for poster presentation options?
Poster Creation Choices:
1. Art 2. Purchased posters 3. Artists / wall mural painter 4. Full size murals
  Purchase expensive art instead of creating posters  
Buy pre-printed posters
  Hire a wall mural artist for large surfaces   Purchase pre-printed full-size murals

Buying (Investing) in Art - There are many advantages to covering walls with artwork, from the investment value to the history that such images afford. Paintings can give a living space a museum like reverance and can be an inventive way for an investor to diversify holdings and derive value from the beauty art provides. It is difficult to compare paintings with wall murals as they visually improve living spaces in very different ways.

Posters - Often posters are an option that kids or teenagers may choose, but adults usually do not choose posters as a viable wall covering option.


Artists / wall mural painter - A mural artist can provide amazing, absolutely breathtaking wall mural art. There are wall mural artists all over the world that can work on location or can create wall mural pieces for assembly at another location.*

Full size murals - This option is the best for creating full size wall murals in single pieces. Full size murals can be prohibitively expensive but the result is often quite satisfactory. There are many options and products to consider with full size mural products.*

Learn how to create a poster presentation that is:

  • Personal to Your Life
  • Uses proven methods used to construct billboards
  • The first way to get Your photographs on walls full size
YottaPrint lets you create a poster presentation in any size using any picture or photo!
Create posters the way billboards are made - with seamless panels
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YottaPrint Enhanced
For poster printing up to 60"W x 44"H
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YottaPrint Professional
For wall murals
up to 128"W x 96"H
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YottaPrint Unlimited
Wall murals up to billboard size (no limit)
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