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How to Do Posters and Wall Murals Yourself Using Your Photos

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How To Do Posters Yourself

Do you have pictures in your smartphone that you’d like blown up and displayed on your wall? This article describes the choices you have to make posters from photos taken with smartphones or cameras. There are many ways to create poster Create posters from any photo - even ones you takepresentations from smartphone photos, but there are also many ways you can end up with unsatisfactory results. You can make posters from pictures even if you took it yourself without a professional camera. To create poster projects you’ll be proud of there are three broad topics to consider:

  1. Photo Quality
  2. Photo Enlargement Options
  3. Poster Mounting

Photo Quality. You can create a poster of any size if you assemble it in blocks. This is the way huge billboards are created. To create this poster of blocks or “block poster” images need to be at least 200 dots per inch because of the panels that must be enlarged. Image or photo “dots per inch” (DPI) is the rather technical term that explains the quality of a photo that the human eye often cannot see. Two images can have very different dots-per-inch values yet appear identical. Click here to read more about how to find the dots-per-inch value and how computer screens and printers view the resolution of a digital photos differently. For purposes of enlargement, 300 or higher dots-per-inch is recommended because once the image is enlarged for block poster printing, the higher DPI will give the poster a much more professional appearance.

Hardware Photo EnlargerTry to think of this in terms of what you would need to enlarge a photo with an expensive hardware photo enlarger. If you’ve ever seen one of these things (pictured to the left) they look like giant microscopes because that’s essentially what they are. Before photo enlargement software these enlargers were the only way to make a poster from a picture.

If you had to use one of these massive enlargers from a paper photo today the beginning photo would need to have sufficient record of the detail in the image – which is the same as having at least 200 dpi. If you tried to enlarge say a newspaper or magazine photo the result would not be presentable. Begin with a photo that is above 200 dpi. Click here to learn how to find the dpi of a digital photo.

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