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How to Paint a Mural

Want to learn how to paint a mural without knowing how to paint?  Wouldn't it be nice to have a full size mural from the floor to the ceiling of a photograph that you took, or one that has personal meaning to you?

Murals have much deeper meaning in our lives than paintings or other artwork that hangs on a wall.  Murals are by definition big, often bigger than life which allows the designer wider boundaries of artistic expression than paintings or wall papers.

Painted Murals Can Be Ugly

Murals have been around for centuries, and there are some very beautiful and awe-inspiring murals.  Yet if you want something more than wall hangings, paintings or a patchwork of photographs displayed, there aren't many options.  Many people hire artists or muralists, and don't get me wrong, good muralists can create imagery and room décor that is impossible to duplicate by any other means.  Yet even the most talented painting is still a reflection of the artist, not the occupant where the mural will live.  The image is not a reflection of the personal life of those that will spend the most time enjoying it.  Many painted murals don't have the personal connection of a photograph, especially if a mural could be created using a photograph of yourself or a loved one.  Additionally, many of the best muralists can be extremely expensive to hire.

Purchased Murals Can be Expensive and Impersonal

There are dozens of sources for wallpapers, wallpaper murals and pre-printed wall murals, many of which can be found online.  These products are of varying but normally high quality, yet are also expensive and impersonal.  There is a better way.

Take Advantage of Today's Digital Photo Enlarging Technology

There are modern options using computers and software technology to create wall murals yourself using your own computer, your own printer and your own photographs.  YottaPrint by Kneson Software is a mural program that enlarges images using the sophisticated built-in enlargement engine of Kneson's Imagener photo enlargement technology.  YottaPrint then creates panels based on the printing capabilities of whatever printing device is attached to the computer, even if it is a wide-format printer, plotter or dye sublimation printer.

Most Murals Are Permanent and Cannot be Moved

In addition to allowing you to create murals yourself, using your own computer, printer and photos, YottaPrint can be used to create moveable murals.  The photo panels can be constructed on thin wood paneling such as that used in modular housing.  This wood paneling is readily available from most home improvement or lumber stores.  Constructing murals on paneling allows murals to be moved and to last for years, even if you rent your home.

YottaPrint is a revolutionary, flexible method for creating huge wall murals of personal photographs that leverages both modern digital cameras and photo enlargement functionality. 

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YottaPrint Professional
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