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How to Do Posters and Wall Murals Yourself Using Your Photos

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The ability to print a poster from your printer or using an inexpensive service is a great option for those pictures that you would like to make larger than an average photo. Large poster printing is also a creative alternative to avoid high-priced artwork, and customized poster printing allows you to add a personal touch to advertising and home décor. Whether you are looking for company poster printing or personal photo poster printing, there are plenty of options to print huge posters from your own photos and especially photos on a smartphone inexpensively.

Whether pre‑made or custom printed, posters can fill a wide variety of messaging needs:

  • Company advertising
  • Personal photo poster printing
  • Posters for special messages at parties and other gatherings
  • Charity and donation messaging
  • Trade show signage
  • Posters with messages to enhance presentations and speeches
  • Poster printing for décor, such as motivational posters and children’s wall murals

You can opt to buy a ready-made poster instead of custom printing. Purchased posters offer generic décor and messages, but they can be an easy, quick solution when you just want standard wall decoration. Obviously the ability to print custom posters allows you to personalize your wall covering.

How To Print Custom Posters

YottaPrint is one of several options to print your own customized poster. Your budget, available time and the type and quality of the end result will determine which method will work best for you.

Online and In‑Person Poster Printing Services

Perhaps the most common way to print posters is to send a photo or image to an online printing service or a local printing company. This is a simple option and usually the first one most people consider because they are unaware of other choices such as using poster printing software like YottaPrint. Following the printing service or local print shop specifications or instructions, you would assure your photo complies with the stated requirements such as minimum size or minimum photo resolution, then send or upload the compliant photo to the service or shop.

Some companies allow various personalization options such as creating a collage from several photos, adding backgrounds, or large format printer output to create extremely large posters. Some sites offer templates, themes, clipart or other personalization features. Prices vary widely depending on size desired, personalization options that have additional charges and time needed to print and receive the finished poster product.

Free Poster Printing Services

College students or members of local or civic groups may be able to obtain free poster printing services because they are offered through universities or certain organizations. For example, university students can print posters for free or nearly free (for example printing for the price of the ink) if they are for class‑related presentations and if the college or organization has the required large format printer or plotting hardware. Check local businesses and nearby colleges to see if they offer any printing services. The public may be able to obtains these services free or at greatly discounted rates.

Using Poster Printing Software to Print Posters at Home

This option is our favorite because it offers the greatest flexibility and provides two levels of technology: the ability to not only assemble panels to make images as large as you want but also clear, sharp photo enlargement. YottaPrint is usually the lowest cost in two ways:

  1. Assembling wall murals or large posters as individual panels - the way road signs and billboards are constructed - allows you to print each panel on smaller printing hardware whether at home or using a copy service.
  2. YottaPrint is a one‑time cost -- the more you use YottaPrint, the less expense you have because poster printing or printing floor‑to‑ceiling wall murals requires only the cost of ink after the initial purchase.

If you want complete control over the custom‑printing process, then printing your poster from your own printer using YottaPrint is the smartest choice. YottaPrint is also the best option if you're unsure of what you want your finished product to look like, or if you want to change posters or wall murals over time. And since YottaPrint uses the Imagener Unlimited photo enlargement in all versions, it allows you to use images that printing services or local print shops might not accept. You have total control to make your own customized posters at home.



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